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Embracing Social Development

The Montessori Philosophy
When a child first enters a school, it is his first step toward independence. This school is his first contact with the outside world and the first time he experiences being away from home. A young child likes to explore. The Montessori classroom is the perfect place to welcome this young explorer. All the keys of his world are available in the classroom. It is the best place for the social development of the child.
Social development does not happen by simply expose the child to a large number of children in a large setting. Social Development is the development of interaction with the human world including empathy, understanding, and building relationships with others. It is a learning process. Our young explorer is making a gigantic leap of discovery, and is not ready to be thrust into a crowd without the keys he needs to open all the new doors on the way. He needs all the social skills necessary to fit into his society. The Montessori class is the best place for the social development of the child as he learns to relate to his world.
Working with diverse age group, the child learns to understand and accepts the differences among classmates and develops relationships with others. The child is given the opportunity to research and work in small groups with various ages, talents, and attributes just like our adult society. This encourages the child learning to work with others, and to see another point of view. It teaches social interaction, team work, and real life problem solving skills. The Montessori class provides a miniature society and all the elements necessary to foster and encourage social development.
All Arborland graduates have made successful transition to Junior High School. They are welcomed by their peers and teachers because they are knowledgeable, independent, and compassionate. In addition, they relate well with people younger, older, and similar ages just like our work place due to their Montessori experiences.


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